iPhone playing John Gorka.
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Standing Firm

Stand for what you believe in, even if it means standing ALONE.
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Picture Today 6/16/2011

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I have been riding my Brompton bicycle to and from work for the last two weeks, even in the rain. I’m getting plenty of exercise and feeling good about it.

I am suffering with a pretty bad head cold and sore throat. I didn’t get much sleep last night; no more than an hour, so I’m kind of beat.

The weather is beautiful here in NYC. Right now it is a mild 74 degrees and sunny. I wish I could leave work and ride my bicycle most of the day. I would take a long, long journey somewhere; maybe to New Jersey or upstate NY. One of these days I am going to ride out to Montauk. I’ve been saying it for years but never got around to doing it. I would rather do it with a friend than do it alone, since it is quite a distance from here. I would probably take the Long Island Railroad back and possibly spend a night there if there were rooms available.

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Bike Commute from East Village

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5/24/2011 Ride

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Projection: Accusing others of thinking, doing or preparing to do something that you yourself do or are capable of doing.

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I am in Tekserve, New York City, typing this entry from an iPad 2. I’m liking it. I may finally have to bite the bullet and get one when they are available.

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Debbie and Trouble

Debbie and Trouble, originally uploaded by tommylane.

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As I was coming up from the underbelly of New York City’s subway system, heading for work to earn my daily living, this man was looking for something in the trash. Perhaps that’s how he makes his living.

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