I have been riding my Brompton bicycle to and from work for the last two weeks, even in the rain. I’m getting plenty of exercise and feeling good about it.

I am suffering with a pretty bad head cold and sore throat. I didn’t get much sleep last night; no more than an hour, so I’m kind of beat.

The weather is beautiful here in NYC. Right now it is a mild 74 degrees and sunny. I wish I could leave work and ride my bicycle most of the day. I would take a long, long journey somewhere; maybe to New Jersey or upstate NY. One of these days I am going to ride out to Montauk. I’ve been saying it for years but never got around to doing it. I would rather do it with a friend than do it alone, since it is quite a distance from here. I would probably take the Long Island Railroad back and possibly spend a night there if there were rooms available.

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