A Winter’s Tale – reposted from 9/20/2004

Once on a very cold New Year’s Eve, I was invited up to Vermont along with a few of my friends. Stacy’s family owned a Swiss Chalet type of home up there. I decided to ride up with a guy named Mitchell and this girl he was hopelessly pursuing. When we left Queens, NY the temperature was about 2 degrees above zero. I knew that it was going to be colder in Vermont but I went anyway since everyone else was heading there.

I sat in the back seat of Mitchell’s car while he drove. Gayle, the girl sat in the front passenger seat. About an hour into the ride I told Mitchell I was freezing and asked if he would turn up the heat. He said, “what heat”? “The heater doesn’t work.” Oh boy! Not only that, there was a hole in the floorboard right near my feet which made it even worse. All things considered I knew at that point I should have stayed home. If I were equipped with that information beforehand I would have stayed home. I froze for the whole ride and to top it off, when we got to Vermont, we got stuck in the snow on a mountain road. We were stuck there for quite some time until we were rescued by the local Police, who pulled us out with a 4 wheel drive vehicle of some sorts.

By the time we got to the Chalet, I was frozen solid. Stacy had a Jacuzzi there and as soon as I saw it, I jumped in so I could warm up. I stayed in it for about 2 hours. The house was cold too. The temperature outside was about 20 below. Much too cold for me.

The next morning, Mitchell had to go back to NYC. I went back with him. I knew I would have to suffer the discomfort of no heater but at least I didn’t have to sit next to that hole in the floorboard. I got to ride in the front this time because Gayle (his heart’s desire) stayed up there. The only reason he drove up was to take her. He was always at her beck and call. Everyone but he knew that he wouldn’t succeed in getting her. He tried for a long time until she wound up in the arms of another man.

While everyone else went skiing, Mitch and I went home to NYC. The ride wasn’t as bad as the night before. The temperature warmed up to the 20’s which was much more bearable. When I got back to New York, winter seemed a little better than the night before, yellow snow and all. Needless to say, I’m not looking forward to winter.

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2 Responses to A Winter’s Tale – reposted from 9/20/2004

  1. Stacey Dortch says:

    I never knew the backround of your visit to my home. It was very entertaining. I beleive i have a few ics of you at the house i will post them when i find them.

    • tommylane says:

      I just saw this. Apparently, I didn't have the comment settings set correctly. Thanks for the comment, Stacey.

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