10 years ago I took a few pictures of Paul McCartney and got his autograph when he was walking down the block where I worked. I didn’t realize I was filmed “stalking” him. Mike G. ripped this clip of the documentary that was released this week called, “The Love You Make”, so I’m sharing it here. I’m the chubby guy with the suit jacket, tie and camera. That was the second time I got his autograph. I got the first one a few months earlier at a book signing he did at Barnes and Noble, Rockefeller Center. I was one of 141 lucky people who waited online and got in. There were hundreds of people behind us on line. I was number 112. What a day that was. I was actually on line for 17-1/2 hours. I wouldn’t do that for anyone else.

Click here on this link to watch the clip.
The Love We Make

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