True Story: The Missing Tools

My father was a diesel mechanic. He used to keep his tools, which were not inexpensive and were his livelihood, in a large tool box in the trunk of his huge Chrysler. You could usually tell when the tools were in there because the weight of them would make the back end of the car sink lower to the ground.

One day, my father noticed the car wasn’t sinking low to the ground. He opened the trunk to find that the tool box and all of it’s contents were gone.

After he told me, I immediately had a suspect in mind. There was this guy that lived next door who was notorious for his drug use and subsequent thievery. I told my father, “I think it was him, Dad!” He looked surprised that I suspected him but I followed my hunch.

I knocked on this neighbor’s door. He answered, let me inside and we climbed the stairs to his living room. Calmly, I told him, with a few choice words and not so idle threats, that my father’s tools better be back in his trunk by tomorrow morning or else. Of course, he denied stealing them; said he would never do such a thing. Well, to make a longer story short, the tools were back in my father’s car trunk the next morning. Haha. My father was happy.

I related this story to a shop owner friend of mine, this morning. He was watering his plants in front of his shop when I noticed that the planters were chained and locked down. I said, “if you didn’t have those plant boxes chained down, they’d be stolen, wouldn’t they?” He said, “it already happened. They took everything. It cost over $200.00 to replace it!”

For some reason it triggered my memory about the tool box, so I told him the story. He was keeling over with laughter when he heard the tools were back in the trunk. “That guy was stupid,” he said. He sure was! Haha.

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